Cahill's teaches the Danzan Ryu system of jujitsu, established by Professor Henry S. Okazaki in the 1930's. It is the art of flexibility, gentleness, movement, and mostly, control. Techniques include throwing, kicking, striking, chokeholds, joint locking, grappling, and defense against various weapons. At the root of jujitsu is to move from one technique to another quickly and smoothly and as often as necessary to control an attacker.

It would be impossible to say which martial art is the best, but the self confidence jujitsu training brings with it can give an advantage in a self defense situation.

All students training in jujitsu must be current members of Jujitsu America to have their promotions registered and receive rank certification.


Jujitsu Class Schedule



Beginning kid's judo/jujitsu:                  5:30 to 7pm

Adult jujitsu                                           7pm to 9pm



Preschool judo:                                4:30 to 5:30pm

Beginning kid's judo/jujitsu:                    5:30 to7pm

Adult jujitsu                                            7pm to 9pm



Adult judo/jujitsu                                5:30pm to 7pm


Henry S. Okazaki with John Cahill

Price Schedule

One time non-refundable initiation fee $50

Monthly Rate

1 class per week             $55

2 classes per week         $70

4 classes per week         $75


Black belts per month     $50

Pre-Judo 4 & 5 year olds

1 class per week             $50


Mat fee

Members                           $5

Non Members                 $10

Pre-Paid Rate

                                    3 mos  6 mos   12 mos

1 class per week          $135     $270      $540

2 classes per week      $180     $360      $720


Dues are payable on the 1st of the month and late on the 7th. Make checks payable to "Cahill's Judo Academy", write the students name on the check.

Jujitsu students must be members of Jujitsu America. Missed classes are not refundable.

Cahill's Judo Academy      635 San Mateo Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066             (650) 589-0724             dawave1@sbcglobal.net