Cahill's has been a legendary name

in the martial arts for over 60 years

Starting with Professor John Cahill, founder of Cahill's Judo Academy in 1948. He was one of first non-Japanese jujitsu students  under Professor Henry S. Okazaki at his dojo in Hawaii. He later became a respected instructor in the Kodenkan system of jujitsu, and Kodokan Judo.  That tradition continues today with his son Willy, who moved the dojo to San Bruno 1963.

Willy Cahill has been an Olympic Judo coach, Paralympic Judo coach, Pan Am Games Judo coach, as well as coaching other regional and national judokas.

Cahill's Judo Academy has produced nearly 1000 Olympians, national and international champions.

Henry S. Okazaki with John Cahill

Willy Cahill

Cahill's Judo Academy      635 San Mateo Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066             (650) 589-0724